The Venue

The event, which began in 1989, with few exceptions, has been held in the Amarillo Civic Center on Tuesday morning of Thanksgiving week of each year. The Breakfast starts at 6:00 AM and ends at 7:55 AM sharp to enable attendees to get to work. The event is a positive expression of care and support for local, state, and national leaders in a non-church service and setting.

The design of the event has been established to be an experience of unified calling upon God in a spirit of gratitude and dependence outside a church setting. In its desire to make a constructive contribution to the community, the CPB has removed its program from being issues-focused or of a political nature.

No portions of the agenda or any of the speakers may intentionally choose to confront, embarrass, or convert attendees from their chosen faiths or non-faith perspectives.

All attendees, event sponsors, central committee members, and program participants are asked to keep the purpose of the CPB aligned with its mission and spirit by refraining from any actions or words which promote a particular church or denomination, professional networking, career advancement or deviate from the worshipful atmosphere.

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